Sunday November 12
By: Robert Tongen
Bob Glickman, Lance Pillsbury, Peter O'Sullivan and I launched from the EZ Launch dock in Channel Islands Harbor, after Lance demonstrated the sliding truck bed he had built. It was a sunny, warm morning with a breeze out of the east. Lance and Bob headed off to the Oxnard Power Station north of the harbor. The saw a nice size pod of dolphins on the outside of the west end of the breakwater.

Peter and I made our usual trip around the breakwater and back to check on the seals on Kiddie Beach. It was just past high tide and nearly every inch of sand was covered by one or more seals. There were more plastic fencing restricting access to the beach on all but the water side. Very few seals were on Hobie Beach, but it is still surrounded by a chain link fence. We did see and hear several solo loons at various points on our paddle.

On Wednesday, Peter O'Sullivan, Bev Waldron, and I visited Lee and Carmen Shurie. Lee had a stroke in August and has been home for a few weeks. We had a great visit and learned more about Lee's life history. One story he told us about his life in his 20's when he was on a hang glider demonstration team that traveled all over the country. Once he was flying upside down when the hang glider collapsed and he fell straight down. When he woke he thought he was dead, but was hanging from a cottonwood tree. It was fun to hear his stories and learn about his life.

That was the way it was, this 12th day of November, 2023.
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