Sunday November 5
By: Robert Tongen
Seeing the NOAA forecast for heavy fog at the coast, we were surprised to be greeted by a warm, sunny, calm morning as Peter O'Sullivan and I launched from the EZ Launch dock in Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard. There were 4 SUP's launching at the same time and we saw 4 rowing sculls on the water.

We leisurely paddled through the harbor and to the pond, then picked up the pace a bit to make a clockwise paddle around the breakwater. There was an interesting texture to the sea outside the breakwater that was an interesting paddle. There were very few pelicans on the breakwater. As we paddled back into the harbor we were overwhelmed by the barking of seals on Kiddie Beach. It was full of them and noisier than ever. There were only a few, but very loud seals in the water by Hobie Beach. Both beaches are closed to paddlers.

It was an easy paddle back to the EZ Launch, but a bit of a traffic jam with SUP'ers using the rinse hose on the dock.

That is the way it was this first Fall Sunday of Standard Time.
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