CIH EZ Launch is Easy
Sunday October 15
By: Robert Tongen
This was the first sunny early Sunday morning in a number of weeks. I can only remember a handful of bright early Sunday morning this year. Usually we are dealing with marine layer. George Ball, Peter O'Sullivan, and I launched from the EZ Launch dock this morning. George was new to using an EZ Launch and was impressed with how easy it was to launch and land doing it. He was also impressed that there was fresh water and a hose to wash off gear and boats on the doc. I was impressed there were no seals on this dock.

We noted many seals swimming or laying on docks, barking, as we paddled to the channel. The dock where the Mystic Whaler normally ties up to, that Peter and I checked out last Sunday was loaded with seals resting on it today.

We made a pass through the pond noting more than the usual kayaks tied up near the middle stairs to the breakwater. It appears that handrails are not needed to use the stairs. After a trip around the breakwater and a visit, we headed back to observe the seals on the beaches. The water was full of young seals frolicking all around us. There were fewer seals on Kiddie Beach than last week, but many more swimming and laying at Hobie Beach. A number of seals swam directly underneath us from the stern to the bow as if they were encouraging us to get out of the area.

It was an uneventful paddle back to the EZ Launch.

Note: George Ball is thinking of a mid week paddle from Carpinteria. If you are interested in paddling contact him at; I am sure he would enjoy company.

That is the way it was the day after the solar eclipse, Sunday, Oct. 15, 2023.
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