My first paddle of this year.
Sunday October 1
By: Chad Margolin
My first paddle of this year. It has been a VERY busy year.

Departed from Surfrider in Malibu, about 3 pm. A few spots left in the pay parking lot, $8 flat fee. Small breakers were wrapping all the way around the inlet beach (usually not the case), so took a couple dousings of white wash on the way out. Little wind, some swell. Paddled west for a few miles. While away from the surf saw no life on or in the sea except one fish that jumped out next to my kayak. For landing I did my "spray skirt on paddle backwards until a breaker is coming then paddle forward through it, then continue backwards to shallow enough to stand and enough time to get out of the kayak and grab it by the nose before the next wave hits." Worked well. It's my less graceful and more wet option. Trying to time it and sprint can work too, but sometimes results in getting rolled by a breaker.

Malibu is a bit closer to me than CIH but I mostly chose that location because I had evening plans there. Generally it has a way to get to the sea without dealing with breakers but you do have 20 to 50 yards of carrying/wheeling the kayak. Still not a bad kayak launch option.
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