Practice for 6
Sunday September 24
By: Robert Tongen
Kiddie Beach was closed and fenced off because there were 400 or more seals on the beach or swimming in the roped in area. All were barking! George Ball, Peter O'Sullivan, Paul Jonason, and I launched from a small patch of sand at Hobie Beach. We were met by Lance Pillsbury and Bob Glickman who launched from the EZ Launch dock. We immediately started testing our skills in reentry of our kayaks after we had tipped over. There was nice Cowboy reentry, a variety of levels of paddle float reentries, T rescues with the end result that we all felt we could get back in our boats and help others if they needed. It wasn't always pretty or fast but succeeded none the less. We had a chance to laugh at ourselves and learn from mistakes. An example is trying to empty a kayak while holding the stern out of the water, then learning it was much easier lifting it from the bow. Several times some young seals swam over to observe the action.

Bob, George, and Lance then decided to paddle south while Paul, Peter, and I explored outside the breakwater and knew we were tired, so called it a day. We did see a small pod of dolphins frolicking in the pond.

That is the way it was this first Sunday of Fall and before the Harvest Full Moon 2023.

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