From the CIH EZ Launch Dock
Sunday September 17
By: Robert Tongen
We drove in misty rain with the windshield wipers running steady that mostly petered out by the time we got to the EZ Launch area in Channel Islands Harbor this morning. Bob Glickman, Lance Pillsbury, Peter O'Sullivan, Keith Elliot and I used the dock or EZ launch to get on the water. It was a grey, overcast, mild, and calm paddle down the harbor. We could see that seals were spread out over most of Kiddie Beach as we passed. Then the brakes went on as we entered the channel and against a strong incoming tidal current. It was a pleasure to get to the pond and out of the current.

Bob and Lance headed to points south, but we are not sure how far they paddled since we left before they returned.

We observed many pelicans resting on the south end of the breakwater as Keith, Peter, and I paddled through the pond. At the north end we observed what looked unusual. There were about a half dozen pelicans perched there watching the water hit the breakwater. The sea looked fairly calm, but once out in it it was confused and erratic, We all noticed that it was hard to develop a paddle rhythm as we traversed to the other end of the breakwater.

On our way back we saw that there were even more seals on Kiddie Beach, at least a couple hundred. When we got back to the EZ Launch dock there were 2 large bull seals sleeping on the south end.

That is the way it was this last Sunday of summer 2023.

Remember we will be having a kayak rescue practice next Sunday at Kiddie or Hobie Beach to self access our skills, abilities or limitations. Join us!

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