Before The Full Blue Moon
Sunday August 27
By: Robert Tongen
It was a nice cool sunny morning driving to Channel Islands Harbor, until just after getting off the 101 on Victoria Ave. A fog bank quickly rolled in. Driving visibility wasn't too bad, but the heavy fog was a little higher and blanketed the stop lights so I almost drove through several red lights. Peter O'Sullivan and Paul Jonason were already getting ready to launch. Soon Lance Pillsbury and Bob Glickman arrived. George, with his yellow Eddyline joined us as well. There were a lot of Seals barking and swimming by the entrance to the channel. The fog was intense enough that I dug my compass out.

George, Lance and Bob headed for the Port Hueneme Buoy, while Peter, Paul, and I explored the foggy and choppy waters in the pond. Visibility was sketchy at best many times losing sight of either the breakwater or channel markers. We decided to go look at the tall ship, "San Salvador" from San Diego tied up by the Maritime Museum. An impressive ship that we wondered who would know how to sail it.

Bob, Lance, and George reported that at the buoy, when they headed back the fog was so thick they found they were going south when they meant to go north. Thankfully they noticed the shore was on the wrong side and a compass check got them headed in the right direction. When we were all headed out the channel, Lance stated 6 paddlers, the most for many months.

That is the way it was the last Sunday in August and before the Full Blue Moon 2023.
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