Seals Are Back In Town
Wednesday August 23
By: Robert Tongen
We drove in a mist through a very busy Hwy 101 on our way to Kiddie Beach this morning. Keith Elliott, Bob Glickman, Paul Jonason, and myself launched about 9:00 this morning. There were a couple bull seals trading places on Kiddie Beach, with a number barking, on the sand at the start of the north channel. As we paddled toward the pond we watched many seals swimming in the channel. The seas were mellow both inside and outside the breakwater. After a trip on the outside, we headed back into the harbor.

Bob was looking for more of a cardio paddle so headed up the harbor. The rest of us stopped to stretch on Kiddie Beach. Keith, just getting back paddling, decided to he had enough while Paul and I headed off on a paddle around the island in the harbor. In the harbor we came across many more seals.

As we were cleaning up the sun peeked out for the first time. It was 71 degrees when I left the harbor.
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