Sun Came Out
Sunday July 16
By: Robert Tongen
It was sunny all the way to Kiddie Beach in Channel Island Harbor, but the fog rolled in as I reached the Harbor Patrol office. It was so thick that we could only see maybe halfway across the channel. Several fishing kayaks were hanging out off Hobie Beach not venturing anywhere because visibility was near zero. Peter O'Sullivan, Lance Pillsbury, Bob Glickman and I launched when the visibility improved, but still very limited. I am assuming that Bob and Lance headed south, but we could not see them after they got 50 yards ahead of us.

When Peter and I reached the end of the channel, we could barely make out the breakwater, even though the sun was trying to break through. We got halfway down the breakwater before we could vaguely make out the north tower. A flock of Snowy Pulver circled us and landed on the breakwater. The water was very flat as we paddled outside the breakwater, staying close enough to just keep it in sight. We did not see any pelicans until we reached the south end of the breakwater. The fog was lifting as we paddled back in the harbor, stopping at Kiddie Beach so I could adjust my gear. As we paddled up the harbor the fog lifted and we saw glimpses of sunshine. That brought out the boats heading for the ocean. Then it rolled back in again for a bit, then lifted more so it was sunny as we cleaned up.

Beach goers were starting to arrive and populate Kiddie Beach. Lance and Bob had not returned when we left.

That is the way it was this mid point in July, 2023.
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