Red Tide
Sunday June 18
By: Robert Tongen
Bob Glickman, Peter O'Sullivan, and I launched from the EZ Launch dock in Channel Islands Harbor this morning. It was drizzly and calm with the harbor water smooth making the paddle to and thru the pond easy. We did not see any seals on Kiddie Beach as we paddled by. The ocean outside the breakwater was choppy but fun to paddle in.

Soon Bob decided he needed more cardio exercise so headed off at an increased pace to paddle the harbor. Peter and I wandered back into the channel and spotted a young male seal in and covered by kelp, that did not act normal. Peter called the Harbor Patrol and reported the seal. While we waited for the Harbor Patrol, Phil, who lives on a boat in the harbor, paddled over in the Necky Chatham, Peter sold him. After a short visit he headed off toward the pond and we saw the Harbor Patrol heading toward us to investigate the sick seal. The Harbor Patrolman said that happens every year when the Red Tide arrives and gives off Domoic Acid.

There was one large bull seal on Kiddie Beach when we paddled by. We did see a couple of kayaks being launched from there.

By the time we got to the EZ Launch Bob was back and had his boat loaded ready to go.

That is the way it was this Fathers Day in 2023.
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