Hobie Beach
Sunday May 28
By: Robert Tongen
Kiddie Beach, in Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard, was closed to the public, this morning, due to seals taking up residence there. We moved a few hundred yards north to Hobie Beach to launch and land. The tide was out so there was a spit of beach that we used. It was Lance Pillsbury, Peter O'Sullivan, and myself paddling under low clouds to make for a calm gray morning.

It was an easy paddle out the channel with the tide. The pond was very flat as we paddled through. We made a large circuit of the breakwater where the water was a bit choppy as the short interval swells from the west met the same from the south. We noted that at the south end of the breakwater it looked like a red tide starting. We decided to paddle to the breakwater on the north side of Port Hueneme. This breakwater is made up of rocks and the hull of the ship, La Jenelle, that sunk in 1970. We have watched the breakwater change over the years as the hull rusts away, and rocks get worn down by the surf. It was a steady paddle back to Hobie Beach which now had more beach available to land on, since the tide was out more.

That is the way it was this Memorial Day Weekend Sunday in 2023.
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