Outrigger Canoes
Sunday May 7
By: Robert Tongen
The sun was trying to break through the clouds with a breeze out of the east as I arrived at Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard this morning. It was just Peter O'Sullivan and myself paddling today. We watched as several single outrigger canoes arrived and prepared to launch from Kiddie Beach. They said their canoes weighed 20 lbs. There was a triathlon in Ventura Harbor so the canoes came to Channel Islands. We shared the beach with more than a couple dozen seals, but could launch to the south of them.

We saw the canoes heading south down the coast as Peter and I investigated the flat pond and into the ocean with gentle swells. There was a car carrier ship waiting to enter the Port of Hueneme and a freighter heading south out by the islands. There was not much boat traffic and even the Ranger 85 whale watching boat did not leave the dock. The Island Packers boat the Vanguard left the harbor but soon returned.

As Peter and I were returning to the pond the wind dropped and the sun came out to all of a sudden be picture perfect in every direction. A special sight. Peter even turned around and drifted backwards toward the harbor so he could enjoy the view longer. We paddled up the harbor and visited with Phil Sager for a minute. He was busy installing new fuel tanks on his live aboard boat.

As we returned to Kiddie Beach the seal population had increased and the outrigger canoes were just returning. It was interesting at all the different methods each had for cleaning up and stowing them on their vehicles.

A nice day to be on the water. That is the way it was, this first Sunday in May 2023.
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