Misty Morning
Sunday April 30
By: Robert Tongen
There was enough mist this morning that when I arrived at Kiddie Beach that the pavement was wet. It was high tide, calm grey and wet. There were more than a dozen seals on the beach next to the knee wall where we are supposed to launch, but we decided to launch in front of the lifeguard stand to avoid interfering with the seals.

It was just Peter O'Sullivan and me paddling today. We paddled out to the pond noticing some pelicans coming and going off the breakwater, but did remember seeing any Snowy Plovers on the breakwater. There were calm seas with limited visibility, but could see two ships waiting to enter the Port of Hueneme. It was disconcerting to keep oriented as oil platform Gina seemed to drift from port to starboard then back again. It was a lazy paddle without much activity on the water.

As we headed back into the pond Peter spotted a couple of dolphins feeding on small bait fish between us and the channel. By the time we got back to Kiddie Beach the seal population had increased to more than a couple dozen. As we were cleaning up the constant barking of the seals hurried us along. By the time we left more seals were on the beach and stretched to in front of the lifeguard stand.

We discussed, with warmer weather and increased beach activity, moving our launch time up to 8:30 or before. We welcome your thoughts.

That is the way it was this last Sunday in April and before the Flower Full Moon.
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