Seals at Kiddie Beach???
Sunday April 23
By: Robert Tongen
We have received reports of seals again taking over Kiddie Beach all week. Peter O'Sullivan checked this morning at low tide and not a single seal was on Kiddie Beach. We had decided to launch from the EZ Launch pier, so continued on that path. Bob Glickman and Lance Pillsbury decided to launch from Kiddie Beach since it was void of seals.

Bob and Lance paddled to the Pt. Hueneme power plant and were joined on their trip by Phil Sager, who caught up to them. The only wildlife they saw other than the seals at the buoy was a diver that was cleaning the grills on the water entrance/exit to the power station. They reported a nice paddle and were greeted by dozen or more seals on Kiddie Beach, but were able to maneuver their landing around them. The seals did not seem to bother the families that were sunning/playing on Kiddie Beach.

Peter and I slowly paddled through the harbor, noticing that the powerboat that burned several weeks ago is still on pads at the boatyard. We assumed it is waiting results of the investigation and insurance disposition. The sanding work on the Mystic Whaler's spars had been completed, varnished and reinstalled looking like new. We observed a lot of seals barking, frolicking and splashing in the water and sitting on the low tided sand at the entrance to the channel. As we entered the pond we spotted one 'by-the-wind-sailor' floating on the water and only a few Pelicans on the breakwater. There were a couple of places on the breakwater that the Snowy Pulvers had reserved. We also observed 6 of the Navy's orange target boats, sporting twin 200 HP engines come into the harbor for fuel. They are very fast.

It was a nice day to be on the water. We looked for Keith Elliott and were sorry he couldn't join us.

That is the way it was this Sunday after income taxes were due.
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