Easter Sunrise??
Sunday April 9
By: Robert Tongen
This morning Lance Pillsbury, Bob Glickman, Peter O'Sullivan and I launched from Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor just after low tide. There was a thick marine layer, slight breeze bringing a very light mist with it. We watched the "Ranger 85, "Sunfish", and "Voyager" whale watching ships leave the harbor and head for the Channel Islands.

Bob and Lance said they were going to head either north or south on their distance paddle. We did not hear where they went or saw.

Peter and I paddled out the channel against the incoming tide into the calm waters in the pond. We could see the mast of a sailboat weaving back and forth outside the breakwater but it did not seem to be moving. We slowly paddled through the pond and out the north end. We were surprised by how much the water was moving on the outside of the breakwater. We checked out the large single masted sailboat and saw it was anchored. The way it was moving it would not have been comfortable for anyone on board.

We then paddled into the Anacapa Boatyard in the harbor to see the 70 foot powerboat that had burned and sunk in the harbor over a week ago. It was sitting on stands next to the hoist that had lifted it onto shore. We debated whether it would be totaled or repair. The hull looked to be intact.

I was not feeling very energetic so we called it a day early on a breezy, moist morning and we did not see the sun.

That is the way it was this holiday Sunday after the Pink Full Moon 2023.
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