Two on the Second
Sunday April 2
By: Robert Tongen
Peter O'Sullivan was at Kiddie Beach in time to watch the Spacex rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB this morning at 7:29 on a beautiful clear day. He said he could see the 1st stage separate before losing sight of the rocket. We launched into a calm sea at high tide and headed to the pond. There were a number of boats being escorted back into the harbor by the Harbor Patrol as we got to the pond. We made a very large and very slow circle around the breakwater with conditions excellent to see whales if there were any. There weren't. After we decided some of the world's issues we decided to check out the 70 foot boat that had burned and we saw being raised last week.

When we got even with the breakwater we spotted Phil Seager paddling toward us. Phil lives on a power boat in the harbor and told us it was in the shipyard having new fuel tanks fabricated as well as other repairs. Phil and Peter negotiated on a kayak that Peter has. By the 2nd time we headed to the harbor it was late enough that Peter and I decided to call it a day.

It was a very nice day to be on the water. That is the way it was the day after April Fools Day 2023.
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