Flotation Bags
Sunday March 26
By: Robert Tongen
It was 49 degrees with a clear sky and a slight breeze at low tide as we prepared to launch from Kiddie Beach this morning. Peter O'Sullivan was waiting for us and Lance Pillsbury followed by Bob Glickman arrived soon after. I was fortunate enough to have my sister, Ruth Tongen, from Minneapolis join us for paddle.

Soon Bob and Lance were off to the Oxnard power plant to the north. Peter, Ruth, and I checked out the pond area making sure Ruth was comfortable on the swells there. She handled it like a champ. We then headed into the harbor to switch boats so Ruth got to sample different types. We checked out the remains of the 70 ft black power boat that burned and sunk this week. There were floats surrounding it to contain as much environmental impact as possible. Divers were in the water and being instructed on how and where to place large flotation bags before they were inflated to raise the hull of the boat that was sunk.

We stopped and ate oranges to honor the memory of Joe Barrett, who left us a year ago. He always brought oranges to the paddle and loved to sit and visit as he shared them with us.

Peter had an early appointment so headed back while Ruth and I continued around the island.

Lance and Bob enjoyed a nice paddle on 4 ft. + swells and were thankful the wind did not come up as expected.

It was a nice day. That is the way it was this first Sunday of Spring.
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