High Tide & a Green Cove
Sunday February 19
By: Robert Tongen
The 6.8 foot high tide barely left room for 4 kayaks to launch from Kiddie Beach this morning. It was a sunny, cool morning, with the NEE breeze dropping at launch time. Keith Elliott stopped to say hello and watch us launch. He is fighting long COVID since June of last year. There were approximately a couple dozen seals laying on the Manson Dredge floats just outside the swimming rope. Bob Glickman and Lance Pillsbury headed off to the south while Peter & I decided we needed to check for moon jellies in place of Bev Waldron. They have been found at the very NE end of the harbor in past years, but were not to be seen today.

It was a calm paddle heading north and Peter and I both learned we had overdressed as the sun beat down on us. A south breeze came up after we could not find the jellies making for a harder but cooler paddle back to Kiddie Beach. It was a good workout! We stopped to observe the work that is being done with a bunch of rocks hauled in at the site on the island where the new hotel is to be built, but could not figure out what was being done.

Bob and Lance returned reporting nice paddling conditions as they had paddled to the Green Cove freighter anchored off the Port of Hueneme. Bob sent a couple pictures of the Green Cove. You can barely see Lance in his kayak next to the freighter in the second picture.

It was a nice day to be on the water.

That is the way it was this President's Day Weekend Sunday 2023.

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