Paddling Again
Sunday January 22
By: Robert Tongen
It was 45 degrees with clouds covering the sun when I arrived at the EZ Launch area in Channel Islands Harbor. Lance Pillsbury and Peter O'Sullivan were already there and shivering. When Bob Glickman arrived the Sun came out. We were soon off to check for seals on Kiddie Beach and points beyond.

There were no seals on Kiddie beach, but with a 7.1 ft. + tide there was no beach either. The water was surging over the knee wall at the north end of Kiddie Beach. The Manson Dredge was tied up to the Manson crane on the north side of the knee wall. A few seals were resting on the pipes and floats attached to the dredge, but it looks like most of the seals are gone.

Lance and Bob headed south and paddled south of the Hueneme Pier. Peter and I paddled north to see the driftwood on the beach and how much sand had been dredged away. The two dredge PUPS were busy hooking up and rearranging the floating pipes, so we watched that for a while.

With the bright sun and breeze dropping we all remembered how nice it is to be back on the water after a month or more of not paddling. Peter and I noted that is is nearly 10 months since we lost Joe Barrett.

That is the way it was this 4th Sunday in January 2023. Happy New Year!
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