CIH Paddle
Sunday January 8
By: Ben Lish
I woke up and thought I should go out paddling today. It took me a while to remember how to get the kayak on top of the van and it is always a bit of an adventure, especially if there is any wind.
I finally got in to my kayak at 940a and there was just a slight drizzle that cleared up. The sun came out for a bit and I had a nice and relaxing solo paddle in the harbor. I didnít have an orange, but I did have a pear and I thought of our friend Joe.

There were lots of seals on the dredge pipes. When I got back, there was someone with a Tucktec plastic folding kayak. It weighs 25 pounds and she put it together in just a few minutes. She said it was about $300.

I hope to get out again soon!

And that is how it was this 65th anniversary of Bobby Fischer winning his first chess championship at the age of 14 (in 1958)
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