Who Moved The Ocean?
Sunday November 6
By: Robert Tongen
This morning we launched from the dock where the EZ Launch is attached. It is just north of the boat ramp in Channel Islands. The seals have taken over Kiddie Beach, so we had to find an alternative launch site. It was a chilly, sunny calm morning, but it warmed up as the sun got higher. Bob Glickman, Lance Pillsbury, Peter O'Sullivan & I paddled this morning. The good part of the launch point we used is there was no sand. The bad part is it is nearly a mile from the ocean.

We stopped to observe the seals on Kiddie Beach. Without counting, my guess is there were more than a 100 seals on the beach. More were swimming just off the beach. It smelled strongly of seals and the water was streaked seal crap. Once we got to the pond area, Bob and Lance headed south. The dredge was working and there were fewer seals on the pipes, but not many.

Peter and I watched the dredge working and how much of the shoreline has already been sucked out. At the north end of the breakwater there was a river of chunks of foam bird droppings all along the breakwater and heading north. The Common Terns were not to be seen. We made a circuit around the breakwater enjoying the steady well spaced swells. By that time I was tired enough that a slow paddle back to our launch point finished the day.

Lance and Bob had paddled to the Hueneme Pier and reported seeing a lot of dolphins.

That is the way it was this first Sunday of Standard Time in November before the rain, election, full Beaver moon and lunar eclipse.

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