Eerie Screech & Large Swells
Sunday October 23
By: Robert Tongen
Arriving at Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor I was greeted, at near high tide, by an eerie screech, under sunny skies, no wind, and white water crashing over the breakwater. The screech was coming from the gangway from the knee-wall and the Manson barge with the crane mounted on it.

Peter O'Sullivan and Lance Pillsbury were already paddling. Paul Jonason was just launching, but the large swell was finding him afloat, then on sand with no water 5 feet in front of him. He timed it well and was soon paddling out to Peter and Lance.

We all seemed lazy so slowly paddled out to see the dredge working in the pond. The sandbar we enjoyed playing around and landing on was gone, and there was a cliff of sand where the dredge was currently working. There were even more seals on the pipe pumping the sand to Hueneme. All the Common Terns we saw last week were gone. The pond was full of foam balls from the swells washing the bird droppings off the breakwater.

We poked outside the breakwater to see 4 -6 foot swells coming well spaced, so it was kind of like riding an elevator up and down. Lance, having more energy, paddled around the breakwater. We then slowly paddled up to the high bridge and back in the harbor.

It was a really nice day to be on the water.

That is the way it was this this 4th Sunday in October 2022.
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