Paddle Re-coat
Sunday October 16
By: Robert Tongen
On this overcast morning, Seals greeted me at Kiddie Beach, Channel Islands Harbor with their smell and louder than usual barking. Peter O'Sullivan was already paddling. By the time I launched, Robin and Keith Elliott had her robin's egg blue and his Hoboken Joe with a picture of an orange boats on the beach.

We noted that there were several seals taking up residence on the Manson Crane barge, on the Coast Guard dock. Paddling out the channel we past the beach and rocks full of more seals, all barking. The dredge was working at the north end of the breakwater. That meant there was more pipe floating on the water with sand being pumped through it and even more seal lounging on it. The sky, pipes, and breakwater seemed to be filled with Common Terns. At least double the number of last week.

Peter and I paddled past the dredge near the breakwater since it was working near Hollywood Beach. As we approached it was surprising how fast it was swinging back toward the breakwater. We got buy okay, but with second thoughts. There were small swells at the end of the breakwater, but when we got past it were surprised at how much the water was moving. A fisherman in a Hobie pedal kayak just outside the breakwater showed us a nice string of fish he had caught. He was nearly the only fisherman we saw. The trip outside the breakwater was fun, with 2 foot swells from the west at 4 second intervals and 2 footers from the south at 14 seconds. The current, swells and wind pushed us south so it was a fast trip to the end of the breakwater.

We met up with Robin and Keith before we all decided to slowly explore harbor. We noted a number of new or different boats moored to the docks. The Mystic Whaler was gone. Just past the Marine Museum we came on a oil slick that we paddled through. I noted that my paddle got slippery in my hands from the slick. We returned on the other side of the harbor to avoid the oil slick to no avail. The open water area south of the island was all an oil slick. We got our wood Greenland Paddles re-coated with oil. Boats and Peter's graphite paddle simply got coated with oil.

That is the way it was, this 16th day of October, 2022. Lee Shurie's birthday.
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