New Ride/Relocation
Sunday October 9
By: Robert Tongen
The windshield wipers worked intermittently, from the mist/fog, all the way from Thousand Oaks to Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor this morning. The barking of the seals was loud but different being led by a large bull sitting on Kiddie Beach. Peter O'Sullivan was already paddling. We decided to head out to the pond and investigate the Manson Dredge working at the mouth of the channel. We saw the seals had relocated atop and riding the pipes carrying sand and water from the dredge. They must like the sound and vibration of the pipe, but it did not quell their barking. The spare pipes stored in the pond were not occupied by seals, but were temporarily home for hundreds of Common Terns. We made a trip around the breakwater to discover what looked like a calm sea, was steadily being battered by 2 foot swells from the south and west.

We remembered Hoboken Joe Barrett telling us about his job working with a dredge in New Jersey with responsibility to immediately notify the dredge if the pipe became plugged. He admitted to not notifying them immediately enough, and found himself looking for a new job.

Just then Bob Glickman and Lance Pillsbury paddled over to say hello. They were going to paddle south with indefinite plans of how far.

Peter and I felt lazy so after a couple of rolls off Kiddie Beach we called it a day. The bull seal was currently swimming outside the swimming ropes.

That is the way it was this Sunday of the Hunter's full moon and the day before Columbus Day, if they still call it that.
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