The Big Ocean
Sunday October 2
By: Robert Tongen
The first thing I noticed, driving on Victoria Ave. toward Kiddie Beach in Channel Island Harbor, in Oxnard was the huge Manson Crane poking into the sky. It was moored by the seawall by the bathrooms. As I carried my boat to the beach, I would hear the seals barking and see the Manson Dredge in the pond. The two PUPS that move the dredge were setting buoys to hold the pipe.

Peter O'Sullivan was already paddling. As I was getting ready to launch, Peter pointed out that Bev Waldron had just arrived. We walked up and said hello, then carried her boat to the water, spotting Bob Glickman on the way. He was soon ready to launch, but we waited for Bev to be ready to launch. (Bev is paddling regularity at age ~83.) Normally she paddles only in the harbor, but decided to paddle with us out into the pond area for the first time in several years. She was amazed at seeing the pond, and you could look past the breakwater to, as she calls it, "The Big Ocean". A real adventure for her and she felt good about venturing that far. She then headed back into the harbor for her normal paddle.

Bob made a couple trips around the breakwater and Peter and I joined him for one. We watched as the two PUPs were hooked to and stretching two of the cables that lift the intake for the dredge, but we could not figure out what they were trying to accomplish. Bob decided to get more cardio exercise paddling the harbor. Peter and I visited and soon decided to intercept Bev in the harbor.

It was a nice day on the calm waters, mostly overcast skies, warm temp, and warm water temp. We visited, exercised, paddled, and Peter and I even worked at some rusty rolls.

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