Wind Waves
Sunday September 25
By: Robert Tongen
The wind was picking up when I arrived at Kiddie Beach, Channel Islands Harbor this morning. he seals on the beach along the south channel were barking loudly. Lance Pillsbury had his boat unloaded and was ready to launch. Peter O'Sullivan was already paddling. By the time I was ready to launch, Peter was standing in the water up to his chest, conducting a rolling lesson with Jason Miller. Bob Glickman set his boat on the shore as the lesson was going on. The newspaper reported 70 degree water temp, but it was cooler than last week when the paper reported 63 degree temps.

Lance and Bob were soon off, planning to paddle up the beach, into the wind. Jason did well on his rolling with a few successes. It won't be long until he will be rolling on his own whenever he paddles. The rest of us paddled out through the pond to the north end of the breakwater. There were 2 foot short interval swells from the west and the south, and since the wind strengthened, 3 foot wind waves, making for challenging paddling conditions. We decided to paddle in the harbor, more out of the wind, before Jason was ready to try some more rolls back at Kiddie Beach.

Bob and Lance paddled to the Mandalay Bay Resort after paddling into the wind for a while. They then paddled up the harbor a ways.

That is the way it was this last September Sunday in 2022.
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