Ain't What She (Paddlers) Used To Be! She (Dredge) Will Be Back!
Sunday September 18
By: Robert Tongen
The first thing we noticed when driving up to Kiddie Beach was the fence around Hobie Beach and the Manson dredge trailer was parked at Kiddie Beach. The dredge will be here for 6 months this year. That will take care of our playground in the pond.

Six CKF Members showed up for our Practice Day. It was a nice day with warmer water, light breezes, and sun to warm us. Peter O'Sullivan led the practice, with Keith Elliott, Robin Elliott, Jason Miller, Lance Pillsbury, and I tried to follow along. We dedicated the practice to Joe Barrett, and Jason brought oranges and donuts in his memory. Now Joe would have been disappointed in our efforts and lack of expertise. Although I think we all managed to get back into our boats somehow, we were surprisingly disappointed in our expertise, strength, and endurance. Lance should get the prize for a nice reentry and roll. Peter's summation was that we need to perfect our roll, it is faster and less effort.

We took a break and paddled out to the pond, where we were treated to a pod of dolphins. Lance decided to make a couple trips around the breakwater, but shared another lesson learned. Take your radio with you!

That is the way it was this last Sunday of Summer. We can hang our heads in memory of Joe and the Queen, or shame for today's display of ineptitude.
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