Kano Reefer
Sunday September 11
By: Robert Tongen
Jason Miller, Paul Jonason, and Peter O'Sullivan were already paddling out in the pond when I arrived at Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor this morning. It was 76 degrees, humid, calm, and overcast. Keith Elliott had his boat unloaded and on the beach ready to launch. The sick seal Paul sent pictures of on Thursday was still on Kiddie Beach.

The tide was coming in for a 10:50 5.4 ft high tide so when Keith and I launched we paddled up current all the way out the channel. I was tired by the time we got to the pond where we met up with Peter, Paul, and Jason. There was larger swells coming directly in the southern opening between the breakwater and channel, making it tricky in the 2 to 3 foot swells breaking on the sandbar. There was some carnage, but not severe. Some of us made a trip around the breakwater where the swells were gentle and we commented it would be a good day to be able to spot whales. We wondered what the large ship off the Port of Hueneme was, a freighter or Navy ship, but it was too far too tell. Keith said he saw Lance Pillsbury and Bob Glickman paddle out heading south.

We landed on the sandbar in the pond away from the bigger swells, but on a steeper beach. As we watched the waves we saw several dolphins in the pond and a very large on made a spectacular jump. On the way back in to Kiddie Beach we met up with and visited with Phil again this week.

When Lance and Bob got back they reported paddling out to the ship we saw. It was a couple miles off Port of Hueneme. They said it was a real rust bucket with lots of maintenance underway. The ship was named Kano Reefer, from Panama. They saw a number of dolphins and birds feeding on bait balls.

Remember next week is a practice day. It is listed under events on this website. It is almost 6 months since we lost Joe Barrett, so I would like to dedicate the practice in Joe's name. Nobody liked to practice more than Joe.

That is the way it was 21 years after the 9/11 attack on America.
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