In the 80's
Sunday September 4
By: Robert Tongen
The sun was bright, creating 81 degrees when I arrived at Kiddie Beach before 8:00 AM. Jason Miller, Peter O'Sullivan, and Keith Elliott were already playing in the pond. The seals on the beach were barking continually. Soon Jason, Keith, and Peter arrived back at Kiddie Beach. Keith suggested we paddle to the breakwater off the Port of Hueneme, made up partly of the remains of the pleasure ship, La Janelle. As we paddled out the channel we could see that Lance Pillsbury had placed his kayak on Kiddie Beach.

As we rounded the end of the channel, we could feel a very warm breeze coming from the NE, so it made for a very warm paddle to the La Janelle. We observed a small container ship being unloaded in the harbor. As we turned back we could see Bob Glickman and Lance coming behind us heading for the Port Hueneme Buoy. They turned and paddled to us, gave us a hard time, then someone asked if this was a Barrett orange break? (Joe Barrett always brought oranges to share with everyone. (It was his way of communicating he waned to visit.))

Lance and Bob continued south towards the Hueneme Power Plant and the rest of us returned to the pond. On the way back, the breeze switched to the west, providing some welcome cooling. We landed, stretched, visited, and Jason took a picture of all of us. The breeze was warm as we stood on the beach. There were many more people on the beach than we are used to seeing. We saw several dolphins making their way through the pond. We launched and explored the harbor. It was as busy, with boat traffic, as we had seen all summer. Kiddie Beach was filling up fast with all types of popups and umbrellas on the beach. As we were cleaning and loading boats, people just kept coming, so by the time I left the beach was packed. Lance and Bob were not back yet. It was 83 degrees when I drove away and 108 when I arrived home in Thousand Oaks.

Interesting the the high and low tide this morning were both 3.1 feet. That is the way it was this Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.

Remember we will be having a Practice Day "How to get back in your boat by yourself" on Sept. 18th.
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