Dolphins in the Pond
Sunday August 28
By: Robert Tongen
It was a grey, warm morning with a ripple on the water and several dozen seals barking on the south channel sandbar at Kiddie Beach this morning. There was skid marks of two kayaks launching earlier. Keith Elliot, Lance Pillsbury, and Bob Glickman were soon setting their kayaks down on the beach. Jason Miller and Peter O'Sullivan arrived back on shore revealing they were the ones launching earlier.

Bob and Lance headed to oil platform Gina, but only reported seeing one bird and many seals at Gina.

The rest of us headed to the pond to check the surf conditions. We spotted a couple of Dolphins feeding in the corner north of the north channel wall. The waves seemed like they were coming from all directions but all breaking close to shore with the tide coming in. We made a trip around the breakwater with more swell than it looked like, but smoothly moved under our boats as we paddled. Made us think that it likely was not an easy paddle to Gina. We came back to the pond and tested our surf landing skills before landing and visiting on the sand bar building into the pond. As we watched the tide coming in the swell increased in strength and duration to offer more of a challenge as we launched again. There was no carnage, but some lost gear.

We crossed paths with Phil, who lives on a boat. He was very relieved the seals had moved to the sandbar, away from the dock directly across from his boat. Sleeping is a lot easier when it is quiet. We also met Robin from Northridge who normally paddle with a group from Redondo Beach.

We all agreed that a day of practice getting back in our boats by our self was overdue. We tentatively plan to hold this practice day on September 18.

That's the way it was this last day in August. A nice day on the water with good conditions and companionship.
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