Third Verse, Same Melody & Theme
Sunday August 21
By: Robert Tongen
A warm grey day greeted us at Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands this morning. The seals were back and barking loud on the sand bar on the south channel sandbar. Peter O'Sullivan had completed his early harbor paddle. Keith Elliott and Paul Jonason were already playing in the pond. Bob Glickman and Lance Pillsbury were just arriving. It was slack +3.6 ft. high tide.

Peter and I soon headed to the pond, but met Paul and Keith returning. Paul wanted to adjust his seat back at Kiddie Beach, so Keith joined us heading back to the pond. Small waves were coming from all directions and got larger where they intersected. Playing in that area was fun, and sometimes a wave from another direction would surprise us and test our bracing skills. After we got wet and chilly from the waves splashing into us, we decided to head around the breakwater to warm up. Toward the south end of the breakwater we were treated to a dolphin/bird show. There were fish in the water and the small dolphins were chasing them, splashing, jumping and having a good time. Pelicans were diving in too. The show was spread out over a several miles, but we did get quite close to some of them. We had not seen this action all year. When we came back to the pond, we landed, observed, and visited. Again this week there were a number of dead crabs on the beach.

Lance and Bob headed south past the Hueneme Pier where they too stopped to watch and chase the dolphin show. They reported easy paddling on calm seas with a slight breeze. They came across an unusual sight of a large bait ball of fish in the water, but no dolphins or birds attacking.

Peter and I discussed having a "Get Back In Your Boat" training day in September. What do you do if you find yourself out of your boat with no one to help, or you and your paddling companions all are out of their boats? More to follow.

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