2nd Verse Same as the First
Sunday August 14
By: Robert Tongen
There were ripples from the breeze on the water at Kiddie Beach this morning, just after low tide. Keith Elliott and Peter O'Sullivan were already on the water and Paul Jonason was launching. Soon Lance Pillsbury arrived followed by Bob Glickman. Bob was going to paddle his beautiful, newly refinished Pygmy kayak.

Once again Bob and Lance headed for points south, while the rest of us investigated the pond and played in the small waves. Keith and Paul were consistently catching nice but short rides on the swells. Peter and I decided to circumnavigate the breakwater, where we found there was a great deal more wave action than we thought.

Getting around the south end of the breakwater we stopped and the cement stairs. Still no handrails! We remembered that every week Joe Barrett and Peter would check for handrails and it their $5.00 bet needed to be paid. One day shortly before his last paddle, Joe had me witness that he paid off on the bet and there would be no handrails. It felt like he was telling us there would not be many more paddles for him.

We back into the pond and landed on the beach and had a nice visit with Peter, Keith, and Paul, before Peter and I decided to check some boats in the harbor. Returning to Kiddie Beach, we met up again with Keith and Paul, as well as Phil, who lives on a boat in the harbor. Phil told us that the seals 24 hours a day barking in the harbor is annoying not conducive to sleeping.

Lance and Bob reported paddling a quick trip to the Hueneme Power Plant and the upswell from the plants cooling waters being pumped back into the ocean. They soon found there was a reason for their quick paddle there, but would now need to paddle into the wind and waves on the way back.

That is the way it was, this Sunday after the Sturgeon full moon in August 2022.
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