Confused Seas
Sunday August 7
By: Robert Tongen
It was a calm morning with temps rising as the marine layer wore off at Kiddie Beach this morning. Paul Jonason was wheeling his kayak to the beach, Peter O'Sullivan was already out paddling. Robin and Keith Elliott arrived soon after, followed by Lance Pillsbury and Bob Glickman.

Bob and Lance headed north through the pond and paddled all the way to the Oxnard Power Plant. The wind and waves made for a fast trip back. They then made a trip around the breakwater and reported going north outside the breakwater was a real slog.

The rest of us visited as we paddled out to the pond, played in the 1 foot waves, noting the water was much cooler than the reported 68 degrees in this morning's Ventura Star newspaper. A trip around the breakwater surprised us with short choppy seas, with a surprise larger wave from the rear turning us to the starboard. We landed in the pond to stretch and visit before playing in the small waves again.
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