What a Day for 9 Paddlers
Sunday July 31
By: Robert Tongen
When I got out of my car at Kiddie Beach this morning, I immediately took off my sweatshirt. It was 72 degrees, sunny, and calm. Peter O'Sullivan was already paddling, Robin and Keith Elliott were unloading their boat. Paul Jonason was just taking his boat off his car. Then, wonder of wonders, I spotted Bev Waldron in the parking lot with her boat already loaded. She looked good and was looking forward to paddling on such a nice day. Lance Pillsbury arrived soon after followed by Bob Glickman. Bob is paddling his Feathercraft while he is refinishing Pygmy S&G. He said it is ready to start varnishing this week.

When Peter arrived back at Kiddie, he got to hear a few of Bev's stories as they both launched 1st. She was going to paddle the harbor. Lance and Bob paddled out the channel with us, then turned headed for points south. The rest of us turned to starboard to see a nearly flat pond. We played in the waves of a nearly flat pond for a while. Paul and Keith actually caught a ride on couple of swells. We then headed out around the breakwater to see Lake Pacifica ahead of us the ocean was so calm.

Peter and I took a wider arc and met Phil, who lives on a boat in the harbor. He was on is way to Gina. He said he saw a few dolphin in the pond as he came through. We paddled back into the pond and landed to stretch, enjoy, and visit. After launching again and playing some more, I was played out, so Peter and I headed back to Kiddie. As we approached we observed Bev loading her boat on wheels and heading for her truck. As we cleaned up and loaded our boats we saw 3 lucky dogs being paraded up and down the beach past us.

Robin, Keith, and Paul landed as we were watching the luck dogs. Bev told us she did the entire harbor for the first time in a long time and it felt good. Bob and Lance ad not returned by the time I left. It was 76 degrees as I drove away.
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