Sunday Six
Sunday July 24
By: Robert Tongen
Peter O'Sullivan was already paddling and Keith Elliott had his boat on Kiddie Beach when I arrived this morning. Paul Jonason, Lance Pillsbury, and Bob Glickman arrived soon after. The skies were overcast, just a bit of breeze and swells were minimum. The newspaper reported water temps of 66 degrees.

Bob and Lance were off to the Port Hueneme Buoy and Pier reporting some washing machine conditions, large flocks of birds and a lot of dolphins.

The rest of us explored the trials of the crazy water in the pond in fun conditions and small waves. After a trip around the breakwater in more challenging conditions than we expected, we headed back to the pond and landed to stretch our legs for a bit. Sometimes two waves would meet, spouting into larger waves and challenging our skills. We all came away with refreshed skills on dealing with waves.

We were to call it a day when Peter spotted a large flock of birds feeding south of the breakwater. Keith decided to check it out and paddled over that way. He reported that a fishing boat was emptying its bait int the water so the birds we seizing the opportunity for easy feeding.

When we were cleaning up on shore we saw 3 sheriff deputy vehicles with sirens and lights flashing heading past us on Victoria Ave. followed by a fire truck and ambulance. Soon we saw the fire truck returning but not the others.
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