Eerie Paddle
Sunday July 17
By: Robert Tongen
Driving to Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor, when I was startled by the realization that Joe Barrett would not be there today. When I arrived it was just past a -.6 low tide. Paul Jonason was pulling his boat to the beach, Mark Bastiaans had just pulled up and was going to paddle with us for only the second time. Robin and Keith Elliott pulled up soon after. Peter O'Sullivan had been off testing his rolls wit a new PFD, but returned to greet us. As we were getting ready to launch, Lance Pillsbury came walking down to the beach carrying his yellow Gulfstream.

We headed out the channel blanketed in fog with visibility of maybe a half mile. The water was calm all day so it made for easy paddling. We investigated the growing and changing sandbar in the pond, playing in the small waves as they crept over the very gradual shoreline. All the time the fog kept lifting and settling back on the water. Robin remarked how nice it was to paddle out there and there were no power boat to be seen.

At the north end of the breakwater, Peter encouraged Mark to do his first T-Rescue. Mark took instruction well and was soon back in his boat. The only hard part of it was Peter straining to hold Mark's boat upright while a big man like Mark climbed into it. Lance joined up with us and some decided to paddle around the breakwater. As we neared the south end Keith came around and was heading north so Lance turned around and went with him. We saw Paul through the fog heading back to Kiddie Beach. We decided to hone our beach landing and launching skills through the 6" surf on the sandbar in the pond. After a chance to stretch our legs and backs, we played in the area again before calling it a day. Lance met a couple of friends on SOTs, so not sure where they went.

It was really a nice easy day and fun to watch the fog come and go, There was even a few glimpses of the sun. That is the way it was this middle Sunday in July 2022.
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