4tth of July Paddle
Monday July 4
By: Chad Margolin
I was not able to join on the 3rd (Sunday) but I went kayaking from Kiddie beach on Monday the 4th. Took my solid, slow, ancient, rotomolded Prijon kayak. Paddling by about 10:00am as the beach was getting very crowded. To Gina, then straight north for a while, then back to CIH. Seas got a bit active as the wind increased but still pretty decent. I never quite had to seal my spray skirt.

I saw a big yellow jellyfish. Also lots of an organisms that looks like 1" jellyfish in the shape of a diamond with a brown "seed" in the center. On many cases they link up and make chains. Lots of this. What is it?

When I got back to Kiddie it was packed! Even the kayak entry area was completely full of tents, etc.

I have an old generation wind surfer that someone was dumping on craigslist. I pick it up over the winter. I was able to rig it, lay the sail board and paddle out of the swim area, and do some wind surfing. Perfect conditions. All was going well until the coast guard shut me down saying that windsurfing is not allowed in the harbor. Looking into this more, I see some documentation that there are some areas where wind surfing IS allowed in CIH.

Hope you all had a nice 4th,
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