4th of July Weekend Paddle
Sunday July 3
By: Robert Tongen
It was low tide when I arrived at Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands, Oxnard when I arrived this morning. Peter O'Sullivan was already paddling his Mariner, Paul Jonason was unloading his Greenland SOF. As I was pumping up the air bags in my "Old Man's SOF Boat" (Short, light, stable, and roomy) on the beach, Keith Elliott came carrying the "Hoboken Joe" boat to the water. I remarked, I had never seen Joe Barrett carry that boat. It was a wonderful morning with the marine layer lifting, slight breeze, warm water and air.

When we launched Peter met us and we headed to the pond. It was interesting to see how large the sand bar had grown and how close it was to the channel entering the harbor. It was fun to paddle next to the gradual sandbar and feel the small waves lift the boat but not push one ashore. We headed to the north end of the breakwater and met Phil, in a kayak just coming around the breakwater. Phil lives on a motor yacht in the harbor. He told us of his road trip to Florida and back costing him $3000 in gas.

Bob Glickman, paddling his Pygmy S&G home built kayak, caught up to us in the pond and said he saw Jason Miller in the parking lot, but he was not paddling. We checked out the swell coming over the north end of the breakwater, the decided to explore the waves around the sandbar a little more. Paul and Keith decided to do a surf landing so Peter and I decided to join them. Bob was looking for some cardio exercise so headed into the harbor. Standing on the sandbar gave us a different perspective of it's size and shape, including where the rip tide flowed through it. It was fun to stand on the shore and watch the boat traffic pick up in the pond. We all launched through the 6 inch surf without any carnage.

After playing in the waves around the sandbar a little more we headed back to Kiddie Beach. As we arrived Bob was just coming back from his paddle too. There were many pop up canopies set up on the beach and more arriving all the time. The wind picked up as we were cleaning up.

That is the way it was this 3rd of July 2022.
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