Fathers Day Paddle
Sunday June 19
By: Robert Tongen
It was a Chamber of Commerce morning at Channel Islands Harbor. Clear skies, slight breeze, low tide, and swells coming over the breakwater were the highlights. Peter O'Sullivan was already on the water when I arrived. Bob Glickman and Lance Pillsbury arrived soon after and were going to head to the Port Hueneme Buoy and points south.

The shore was within 10 ft of the swim rope because of the low tide. At the rope the water was only about 5 feet deep. Peter dodged a swimmer when he landed. We then headed to the pond to check out the sandbar at low tide. It now contains much more sand and is larger than the last time we saw low tide. We wondered why they have not put out marker buoys to warn boat traffic of the shallow water. After checking out the north end of the breakwater we slowly paddled south inside the breakwater noting there were few pelicans on the breakwater and most all their droppings had been washed of the rocks by the swells. We stopped at the south stairs on the breakwater and reminisced about Joe Barrett for a while. By this time I was tired and decided to call it a day. When we got back to Kiddie Beach Ben Lish was just launching. After greetings he headed to the pond and we later saw him heading north up the harbor channel. Too bad our timing was off and didn't paddle with him.

Peter and I left before Lance, Bob, and Ben returned.

That is the way it was, this Fathers Day in 2022.
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