Grey Paddle Day
Sunday June 12
By: Robert Tongen
When I arrived at Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard, this morning Peter O'Sullivan was already out paddling. Soon Lance Pillsbury and Bob Glickman drove up. It was near high tide, overcast skies, slight wind,and warm waters, when Peter returned to pick up the sick, lame, and lazy paddlers.

Bob and Lance headed to Oil Platform Gina, reporting all the seals must have moved from the beached inside the harbor channel to Gina. There were tons of them there. Paddling conditions were good, so it made for a quick and easy trip. They reported seeing a Portuguese man o' war and many other small jelly fish.

Peter and I spotted a very large jelly fish as we paddled out the channel. The pond crazy water was churning pretty good with 1 to 2 foot waves. Peter observed that the pelicans were only using the higher areas of rocks on the breakwater to land on. We paddled around the breakwater enjoying the surge and reflective waves coming off the breakwater. After resting for a bit, we paddled in the harbor noting a number of big yachts that we had not seen before. The old hotel and Lobster Trap restaurant are both destroyed, all signs of demolition have been removed. There are a couple of construction machines sitting there, but not sure if they were for starting the new construction or not.

That is the way it was, this Sunday before the Strawberry Super Full Moon in June, 2022.
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