Joe Barrett Paddle Out
Sunday June 5
By: Bev Waldron / Robert Tongen
Today was the official Paddle Out for Hoboken Joe Barrett and I would like to share my wonderful experience as one who did not paddle today but was there for the support and camaraderie. This is not the official “Trip Report”

I enjoyed interacting with my fellow paddlers as we chatted about old times, good times and new times. It was so warming to hear so many good comments about Joe and what a positive influence he has not only been in our kayaking community but how much he meant to all of us.

I had the opportunity to spend time with Sandi, Leslie and Chloe, Joe’s family. We all walked to the viewing point at the end of the Harbor entrance and watched as roses were place in the water in Joe’s memory. During this time I faced timed with Scott, and answered Sandi’s questions regarding the orientation of the harbor so they could relate it to things Joe would talk about after a Sunday paddle. Sandi also shared some of the processes and tasks she is currently working on after a death. In doing so I found her to probably be the most organized person I have ever known in my life!

I chuckled watching Leslie help her mom with some of the more complicated parts of using her phone when working with pictures. This probably was humorous to me since I am so phone illiterate myself. And of course Chloe was full of energy, giggles & fun. What a beautiful family!

As we were getting ready to walk back to the parking lot Keith approached us with regrets of missing the paddle out. He was working for the Sheriffs department earlier in the day. But he had a chance to meet Joes family and the family got a chance to meet the designer who put the logo on Joe’s boat. Lots of pictures were taken since Keith had the boat car topped. We were all so impressed and it was good seeing Keith.

As Sandi, Leslie, Chloe and I parted ways Sandi reminded me to keep her on the mailing list because she wants to keep up on the paddles. At some later date after a paddle I believe we all meet up at lunch.

I really enjoyed my day! Thank you!

Bev did a wonderful job of sharing her experience of Joe's Paddle Out from dry land.

It was a chamber of commerce day at Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard this morning. When I arrived Peter was setting up to serve Bagels, Cream Cheese, and Coffee. Bev arrived with a couple dozen roses, Sparkling Apple Cider from France, and fancy Champaign glasses that needed assembling. It made for a wonderful gathering point for paddlers and Joe's family. Thank you to Peter and Cat O'Sullivan and Bev Waldron.

Paddlers included Jason Miller, Bob Glickman, Ben Lish, Robert Sterling, Lance Pillsbury, Paul Jonanson, Peter O'Sullivan, and myself. Sharing memories and observing from shore were Joe's wife, Sandi, daughter, Leslie, and granddaughter, Chloe along with Bev Waldron and Kieth Elliott. Leslie was kind enough to include Joe's son, Scott, on Facetime from North Carolina. Most of the the paddlers remember paddling with Scott and have missed him since he moved to NC.

We launched from Kiddie Beach at about 10:00 while Bev escorted the Barrett's out to the observation area near the lifeguard tower to watch the paddlers gather and share memories and cast roses on the water in honor of Joe. To remind us of Joe's tipping over on the trip around Manhattan, Ben did the same for our entertainment. We regrouped near the south stairs on the breakwater for more comments, flowers, and marking a spot we can always visit with Joe. Then in Joe's tradition, Peter shared an orange with each paddler. That concluded the event.

Lance and Bob headed to the Hueneme Buoy and most of the rest made a trip around the breakwater sharing more stories. There have been reports of brown pelicans perishing from malnutrition, but based on the number of pelicans painting the rocks on the breakwater, there is no fear of extinction.

That was the way it was, on this perfect day, and memories, the first Sunday in June 2022.
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