Memorial Day Weekend Beach Crowds
Sunday May 29
By: Robert Tongen
It was a mild, clear morning with just a hint of breeze as we launched from Kiddie Beach this morning. Surprisingly there was not any barking of seals like there was last weekend. There was quite a few SOT kayakers and SUPs launching as well.

Shortly after I arrived we saw Paul Johanson and Peter O'Sullivan paddling back from the pond area, and reported of very calm conditions in the pond and beyond.

Jason Miller stopped to say hello and report on the pinched nerve in his back. Shortly after launch the wind picked up and we could see 4 foot rollers breaking out beyond the breakwater. Lance Pillsbury and Bob Glickman headed for the Hueneme Buoy and reported seeing dolphins on the way. Peter, Paul, and I headed out to the pond and sea conditions were rising. Keith and Robin Elliot soon joined us at the north end of the breakwater. We remarked that the pond area is turning into a great play area with waves crashing from all directions. A couple of large dolphins made their way north through the pond. Again this week we decided to explore some areas of the harbor. We met up with Lance and Bob. While some of us decided to call it quits, Keith, Robin and Lance decided to paddle further in the harbor.

The beach was getting busy as we landed, so the Memorial Day Weekend is living up to it's reputation.

That is the way it was this 29th day of May 2022.
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