Sunday May 22
By: Robert Tongen
There were 7 paddlers that launched from Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard this morning. The sun was just starting to break through the marine layer and it was approaching a -2 ft tide. There were large sandbars on both sides of the channel that were loaded with seals. The sound of their barking was near deafening.

Bob Glickman and Lance Pillsbury headed to the Hueneme Buoy and Pier. They reported seeing dolphins and the seals at the buoy were very active.

Keith Elliot and his wife, Robin, along with Peter O'Sullivan, Paul, Jonason and I did a more leisurely paddle. We explored the pond and were amazed at the large sandbar that was showing at low tide. We had never seen that large a sandbar in the pond. Looks like it won't be long until they will need buoys out to warn the boats. We made a leisurely paddle around the breakwater visiting as we went. We then headed back to listen to the seals and explore the harbor a bit.

Keith Elliot has repaired Joe Barrett's kayak and is now paddling. We all thought the name and picture of an orange were a real class touch. Joe always brought oranges on his paddles to share with other paddlers. We will enjoy seeing Hoboken Joe on the water.

That is the way it was, this Sunday before Memorial Day weekend.
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