Easter Sunday
Monday April 18
By: Jason Miller
Bob and I arrived at about the same time. I thought I was arriving early. Then I saw Hugh paddling down the harbor (he parked at the public boat launch) and Bob pointed out Paul's car in the lot (Paul was off the beach skulling and rowing). Turns out I was the last to arrive. As usual.

The skies were grey with low clouds extending from horizon to horizon. The air and water were cool, with a steady onshore breeze out of the south keeping the air relatively clear. The tide was low and rising, and the sea looked mild with wind driven waves and some chop. It would be a good day for paddling.

Hugh and Bob thought so, and before I could get geared up, they were almost at the pond, heading out to the buoy. It wasn't even 8:45am, yet. Paul and I paddled out to the breakwater. Paul was testing out his skin boat after having fixed nine cracked ribs this week. I was testing my back after a pinched nerve flared up. By the time we got got to the breakwater, Hugh and Bob were a tiny in the distance, their paddles like rhythmic semaphores declaring how it good it was to be out on the water. I must have been mesmerized by their cademce and the gentle swells because I didn't hear Paul tell me he was turning back to Kiddie. When I turned to head West along the breakwater, I saw him paddling away up the harbor. I kept on my bearing.

The California Brown Pelicans rules the roost today. Many were fishing in the harbor and the pond, diving violently to grab a fish and surfacing. They were lined up on the breakwater like they owned it. As I was paddling back from the West end of the breakwater, a line of six of pelicans flew past me over the waves in their characteristic nap-of-the-earth style. Turning back into the harbor, I looked for signed of Hugh and Bob but saw nothing.

Too early to hit the beach, I paddled up to check out the hotel. A County Supervisor had posted that demolition on the last building had started, and I wanted to take a look. Sure enough, the last building was coming down.

Satisfied that that politician wasn't lying about the hotel, I turned around and paddled into the wind back to Kiddie. Paul had his car loaded and was about to take off when I arrived. To give my back a break, I tried out a set of beach wheels instead of hoisting my boat onto my head. Joe had the right idea about those things! By 10:45am, I was mostly cleaned up and ready to roll when Bob hit the beach. He and Hugh had gone to the buoy and then the pier; he reported is was a delightful day to be out, and the winds made the paddle back a breeze.

That's how it was this Easter Sunday at Kiddie beach.

Respectfully Submitted by Jason Miller.
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