Six on the Beach
Sunday March 27
By: Robert Tongen
It was an overcast day, with predictions of winds at 10 kts., but calm when we arrived at Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor this morning. Bev Waldron was kind enough to make the trip bringing fresh baked coffee cake to give us a focal point for remembering Joe Barrett and share a few stories. Thank you Bev!

There were six kayaks on the beach after I put mine down last. Bill Kroll, Keith Elliott, Peter O'Sullivan, and Paul Jonason, and Jason Miller were going to paddle. Bill and Paul were paddling their new Greenland skin boats. We headed out the channel and south end of the jetty hoping to spot Gray Whales on a calm sea. The Ranger and Vanguard whale watching ships passed us heading to the Islands.

Just as the Harbor Patrol boat came around the end of the breakwater, a kayaker went over and had to wet exit. Peter calmly announced to the Harbor Patrol that we were doing a rescue drill, so the HP stood by and observed. Peter authoritatively talked us through a T rescue and the paddler was soon tucked back in his boat. Thanks for a great job by Jason, who smoothly assisted in the rescue.

After a trip around the breakwater and another look for whales we watched 3 fishermen on the jetty haul in a very nice button perch. With the wind really strengthening we headed for the harbor. Jason and Keith headed of to check out the tall whaling ship.

It was a nice group to paddle with and a nice day on the water. It was good to see Keith back paddling after ~ 2 years of medical repair/recovery.

That is the way it was on Golden Globe Sunday and before the rain 2022.
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