CIH Paddle
Sunday March 13
By: Robert Tongen
Hugh Warren, Paul Jonason, Joe Barrett, Bob Glickman, Jason Miller, Peter O'Sullivan and I launched from Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor this morning with a bit of a chill since the time change had us out an hour earlier. Bob and Hugh headed off south to see if they could spot any Gray whales. The rest of us paddled out to the pond looked around the breakwater and decided it was rougher than we cared for this day. We visited while casually paddling then decided to head back in the harbor. Jason headed off to check the demolition progress on the hotel in the harbor. He reported they are now demolishing it from the east side.

Bob and Hugh returned from the Hueneme Buoy reporting it was rougher than expected out on the water. The did report being intercepted by a large pod of dolphins on the hunt for fish. The report varied from 70 to 1000 dolphins cam right by them at a rapid speed.

That is the way it was this Sunday before the Worm Full Moon and St. Patrick's Day 2022.
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