Jake Stachovak Memorial Paddle Out - CIH
Sunday February 27
By: Robert Tongen
It was a warm sunny morning as we gathered to remember Jake Stachovak at Kiddie Beach in Channel Islands Harbor. In attendance were; Dave Houser, Patrick Martin, Bev Waldron, Phil Schinhofer, Steve Wilson, Bob Glickman, Jason Miller, Lance Pillsbury, Peter O'Sullivan, Joe Barrett and myself. Bev was kind enough to bring some flowers to spread on the water in memory of Jake. We paddled out to the pond over some swells coming into the channel, and were greeted by some dolphins. We gathered, with each of us each saying/thinking of Jake and casting flowers on the water for him.

After tossing the flowers, we split into groups and paddled where we wanted. Phil, Bob, and Lance headed south toward the Hueneme Buoy, but likely to the pier or power station. Peter and Patrick headed to Kiddie Beach to check on Steve. Joe and David visited at the entrance to the channel. Jason and I explored the pond and followed 3 dolphin both going north and south.

After the paddle we gathered at the outdoor amphitheater where Andy Fried, Patti Mailman, and Paul Jonason joined us in anticipation of hearing a few of Steve Wilson's songs, but unfortunately he was sick and had gone to seek relief.

It was a nice gathering and great day to be on the water, this last Sunday in February, 2022.
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