Bright Sunny Paddle
Sunday January 30
By: Robert Tongen
There was a fair breeze from the east with temp of 51 degrees and a +6.7 high tide when we arrived at Kiddie Beach, in Oxnard this morning. Peter O'Sullivan and Joe Barrett had their boats unloaded. Paul Jonason was in the process of unloading his and soon Lance Pillsbury and Bob Glickman arrived. We launched from near the lifeguard tower because of the high tide and fishermen using our normal launch site.

Bob and Lance headed off to check out the tall ship, "Mystic Whaler" in the harbor, then headed to the Hueneme Pier. The reported only seeing seals at the buoy. Paul and I headed out to the pond to see what the conditions were at high tide. There were 4 ft. spilling waves coming from the west and frequently meeting the same size waves from the south creating quite an explosion. We didn't even consider playing in there. We headed back into the harbor and met up with Joe and Peter. About 10:00 the wind dropped and it became a pleasant day. By the time we had our boats loaded the wind had swung and was coming out of the south.

That is the way it was this last Sunday in January 2022. February will have us hoping to spot grey whales heading north. Will we???
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