Tsunami Waters
Sunday January 16
By: Robert Tongen
We were greeted by a 61 degree textured sky morning at Kiddie Beach the day after the Tonga tsunami. The water was significantly higher than the predicted +5.8 feet tide. Huge breakers were spilling over the breakwater and 1 to 2 foot waves were breaking at Kiddie Beach. Hugh Warren, from Big Bear, launched from the EZ Launch area and stopped at Kiddie Beach; Peter O'Sullivan was dressed and his kayak was staged for launching; Joe Barrett had his boat unloaded, before I arrived. Soon Lance Pillsbury arrived, followed by Bob Glickman.

It took a bit of concentration to launch into the rising and receding swells, leaving you either knee deep or high and dry on the beach. No carnage to be reported. Bob, Lance, and Hugh paddled to the Hueneme Pier and reported the water was strange, flat in places, churning in others, and huge swells hitting Silver Strand Beach. They spotted a few dolphins inside the breakwater.

Joe, Peter, and I explored the pond and were surprised that going out the channel there were turbulent waters that looked like the tide water going out was meeting an onrush of rising water coming from the ocean, creating really turbulent waters. The pond was being bombasted by waves that seemed to be coming from all directions. Hugh swells were piling in on the beach north of Hollywood Beach. The skies were mostly shredded clouds with openings into bright blue. We talked to some live aboard boat owners about their experience of the tsunami. They saw a rise in water level but little else.

That is the way it was the day after the tsunami and one day before the Wolf full moon in January 2022.
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