Sun, Snow, Wind and Tide
Sunday January 2
By: Robert Tongen
There was a powdering of snow on the mountains and driving down the Camarillo grade on 101 the Channel Islands were absolutely clear and appeared very close. It was 49 degrees at Kiddie Beach at 8:15 this morning, the breeze out of the NE was strengthening, and the tide was so high it had spilled into the street between Kiddie and Hobie Beach.

Peter O'Sullivan had his boat unloaded and soon we were pleased to see Joe Barrett drive up. Joe attempted to unload his boat and found he couldn't lift the stern. It had been sitting on his truck for about 4 weeks and the hatches were full of water. Peter helped pump it out and turn it over to dump the water out so it could be unloaded. None the worse for wear we carried it to the beach. By the time we launched the wind was blowing strong enough that we did not to work that hard to paddle back into the channel. We decided to paddle the harbor. Once we got out of the wind, it felt warmer, and the sun was bringing the temp up. We investigated the demolition of the Casa Sirena Hotel. We saw some prep work and a fence had been put up around it.

The wind was receding as we paddled back to our takeout spot and cleaned up. Joe conceded the $5 bet to Peter that railings would be installed on the stairs on the breakwater, even though we had not paddled out to look.

It was a bright very pretty day to be on the water this 1st Sunday of 2022.

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